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Community Growth Corp

Community Growth Corp. is a nonprofit organization based in the Black Hills of South Dakota, dedicated to building a sustainable and resilient community, by addressing the critical issues of food sovereignty and land conservation.

Recognizing the challenges faced by the local population in accessing fresh, nutritious produce, Community Growth Corp. has undertaken an initiative centered around hydroponic and aquaponic systems. Through innovative and environmentally friendly agricultural practices, the organization aims to empower the community to take control of its food sources, ensuring a steady supply of high-quality, locally grown food.

The hydroponic and aquaponic systems implemented by Community Growth Corp. represent a pioneering approach to agriculture, harnessing the power of water-based cultivation to grow a diverse array of crops. By minimizing the need for traditional soil-based farming, the organization not only conserves land and natural resources, but also provides a scalable solution to enhance food accessibility.

Community members are actively involved in the cultivation process, participating in workshops and educational programs that promote sustainable farming practices. As a result, Community Growth Corp. not only contributes to improved nutrition and health outcomes but also fosters a sense of community, pride, and self-sufficiency, laying the foundation for a more community oriented Black Hills region.

Community Growth Corp. wants everyone in the Black Hills to know about hydroponics, a way to grow food without soil. They've made easy guides and pamphlets to help learn this method of agriculture. The material is intended to simplify and explain the process to make it more friendly to process as a beginner. The organization also works with local businesses to hold workshops and talks, to teach people how to use hydroponic systems step by step. By sharing this knowledge, Community Growth Corp. is making sure everyone knows how to grow their own food, making our community stronger and more independent when it comes to what we eat.


Educating local communities on the importance of learning to be self sufficient with growing food

Powered By Water

Using unique methods to increase yield of produce, with limited land and resources

Community Focused

Striving to build a strong sense of community and increase involvement in local issues

Just Beginning

There is more to come for this nonprofit, they're just getting their start with goals to expand into even more local issues using innovative solutions!